Childbirth Support & Education

We believe every educational step taken adds to your birthing experience. Because we want to help you understand the changes you will undergo, we offer a variety of educational classes for expectant mothers.

Due to Covid-19, our classes are being scheduled a month at a time. Currently, classes are offered via ZOOM.  We recommend that you be at least 26 weeks pregnant and please attend with a support person if possible, so that there will be two people retaining the information, rather than just one. To sign up, please click the buttons below and fill out the email which appears. Allow our OB department 7 - 10 business days to follow up with you. Please provide correct contact information and check your junk folder. For assistance with registration, please email [email protected].

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Breastfeeding Class

Research shows breastfeeding is important to the health of both the mother and the baby. At Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, we are a Baby-Friendly designated facility and we encourage breastfeeding. This course will better help you understand the health benefits and explain what to expect while nursing your baby, it also offers tips on breastfeeding and addresses the most common concerns of women who breastfeed.

Our full Breastfeeding Class is being offered via zoom monthly.

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, our Newborn Care and Childbirth Education Classes have been combined into one, hour and a half, Question and Answer Session. The class information will be sent to you via a Dropbox account. Please review this information before attending the Q & A session. The Q & A session does offer pictures of our unit, for a "virtual tour." This Session is a great option for any family, whether it's your first delivery or your 5th because it reviews all our current guidelines and visiting restrictions.

Newborn Care Class

You probably have many questions about how to care for your new baby. The infant care course will teach the basics as well as give you the opportunity to ask more detailed questions about how to nurture your infant through the first few weeks of life. We also explore car seat safety and the importance of well check visits in infancy.

Childbirth Basics

Childbirth Basics offers a basic understanding for you and your support person(s) of what to expect during delivery and also serves as an excellent refresher for those who are adding to the family or have attended the four-week series. Information highlights of the four-week series are presented in this course. Our childbirth education series covers the same material but divided into 2-hour sessions over a 2 week time period.

Childbirth Education Series

The Childbirth Basics class is specially designed to introduce you to the labor process. We recommend enrolling in these classes early in your pregnancy so you may learn about factors that may affect you and your baby during the birthing process. To better prepare for your pregnancy and delivery, the classes cover topics such as: Planning for a better childbirth experience Childbirth options Fetal growth and development Changes to your body and post-partum recovery Breathing, and other labor techniques Medications available during delivery Nutrition and exercise Possible medical intervention Cesarean birth.

OB Tours

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not offering in-person tours of our unit. Please attend our Newborn Care and Childbirth Education Q and A session, where pictures of our unit can be seen for a " Virtual Tour."