Cancer Resource Center

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The Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center provides free services to people affected by cancer no matter where they are seeking treatment. Nationally recognized, the Cancer Resource Center empowers cancer patients, family members, friends and caregivers with educational resources, research tools, financial guidance and peer groups. Most of the Cancer Resource Center staff and volunteers are cancer survivors who can not only provide information and  insight, but also say to patients, “I know how you feel.” This is a powerful statement to those facing a cancer diagnosis.

The Resource Center serves as an informational hub where patients and their loved ones can learn about treatment options, clinical trials and other programs provided by Carson Tahoe. Our staff provides a unique service by assisting individuals with their research, either for themselves or their loved ones. Carson Tahoe’s Cancer Resource Center services include:

Our Philosophy - Carson Tahoe Cancer Center

Carson Tahoe Cancer Center will provide expert clinical nursing and medical services integrated with psychosocial and spiritual venues to enhance the quality of life. Through screening, education, treatment, management, and support, we will develop a superior community cancer center that offers a healing environment for persons with a cancer diagnosis and their families.

Cosmetics Room

Carson Tahoe is deeply committed to the special needs of post- mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients.  Our Cosmetics Room, has several bra and breast prosthesis and we have a vast selection of wigs and hats, we help you see how it is possible to go back to your pre-cancer lifestyle during and after treatment. You will see that your lifestyle does not need to change with regards to fashion choices and active wear.

Community Classes & Integrated Therapy

Our ongoing community classes are complimentary for cancer patients and survivors, and open to community members with a minimal drop-in fee per class. Learn more about how we heal the mind and body.

  • Exercise Classes: Healthy Habits & Soft Strength, Yoga, and Qigong Tai Chi
  • Click here for a full calendar of classes or visit The Cancer Resource Center at 1535 Medical Parkway.
  • Meditation Labyrinth
  • Massage


The award winning Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center provides patients with all the latest literature, education on treatment options, support groups, service programs, and even information on financial issues. The resource center networks with most of Northern Nevada’s rural communities in an effort to provide as many resources as possible to those patients and families that live far away from the cancer center.

  • Educational Resources include:
  • Nurse Navigator
  • Cancer Lending Library
  • THiNK PiNK – Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Nutrition Referrals
  • Palliative Care Referrals
  • Wellness 101 Classes

Support Groups

Merriner Cottages, No-Cost Lodging

The Merriner Cottages provide cancer patients and their families with comfortable lodging in Carson City. Qualified rural patients have the option of staying in one of our 15 home-away-from-home cottages, a place where out-of-town patients and their families can rest while undergoing exhausting chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Each of the cottages features a private bedroom, living area, and kitchenette. Each cottage can accommodate up to four people. Amenities include a washer, dryer, phone service, and wireless computer access. The cottages are provided at no cost to eligible patients.

The cottages were constructed thanks to a generous gift from the Merriner Family Trust. Ongoing donations to the Merriner Cottages ensure that they will be around for generations to come. Please call CTH's Center for Philanthropy at  (775) 445-5678 for more information on supporting the Merriner Cottges.

Financial Information

The diagnosis of cancer comes with many financial burdens along with the physical and emotional hardships. Luckily there are many financial aid resources out there to help those in need. Our staff members are very familiar with these resources and can often find creative answers to solve difficult financial situations.

Medical Qualification for Disability Benefits with Cancer