Behavioral Health Services

Toll Free BHS Hotline: (800) 283-7671
Inpatient BHS: (775) 445-7350
Outpatient BHS: (775) 445-7756
Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center: (775) 445-8889

Carson Tahoe Behavioral Health Services (BHS), a department of Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare, provides comprehensive inpatient & outpatient mental health services to adults and aging adults dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. Using a multidisciplinary approach, BHS offers compassionate cost-effective treatment options for seniors, adults, and adolescents close to home.

Worried that you or a loved one may have a psychiatric condition? To check your symptoms or to find out the conditions we treat, click here.

Services available through BHS include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Medical model detox services
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Psychological testing
  • Court ordered evaluations
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Senior Pathways Program (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Substance abuse treatment, including 14 day Addictive Disorders rehabilitation
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Support groups

The Behavioral Health team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency counselors and psychiatric nurses. This team uses a holistic approach to treatment and recognizes the importance of mind, body and spirit in overall health. They work closely with others involved with the patient’s treatment, such as referring clinicians, family, friends and others who comprise the patient’s support system.

Referrals & Assessments

Patients are accepted for treatment 24-hours a day. Confidential assessments and referrals are available free of charge, either by phone or in person, to determine appropriateness for programs. Referrals can be made from many sources, such as hospitals, physicians, mental health agencies, social service agencies, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, family, friends, and self-referrals. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

To get started, consider the following:

  • Assessment and Evaluation: Inquiries made to BHS are evaluated by an assessment counselor to develop the best plan of action for the individual. To request an inpatient assessment call (775) 445-7350.
  • For outpatient services call (775) 445-7756.
  • Information and Referral: If the individual is not appropriate for inpatient treatment they are referred to a source that will best address their needs.
  • Crisis Intervention: For those situations that need crisis intervention BHS supplies a 24-hour hotline to call when you or a loved one needs help. The crisis hotline is (800) 283-7671 or (775) 885-8866. Additionally, we offer crisis care at the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center at 775 Fleischmann Way. For details on the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center, call (775) 445-8889.
  • Physician Collaboration: BHS will work with the patient’s primary physician to make sure the patient is getting optimum care.

Services and programs are tailored to fit the age, lifestyle and needs of patients:

  • Adult Inpatient unit provides psychiatric and substance abuse help.
  • Outpatient Services include individual and group counseling.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a step-down from other more intensive levels of treatment such as inpatient  hospitalization.
  • Child and Family services provide outpatient mental health and substance abuse evaluations and treatment for adolescents, adults and seniors.
  • Senior Pathways inpatient unit provides essential geriatric psychiatric treatment.
  • Crisis Treatment at the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center for anyone who is in a mental health and/or substance use crisis.
Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center
775 Fleischmann Way
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 445-7756

Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

1080 N. Minnesota Street
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 445-7350
Toll free: (800) 283-7671

Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center

775 Fleischmann Way
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 445-8889
Toll free: (800) 283-7671