Our Mission

Our mission
Carson Tahoe's mission is “to enhance the health and well-being of the communities we serve.”

Our core values
Healing include “putting patients first and treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

Committed to Our Community
Our friends, neighbors and loved ones look to Carson Tahoe for their health, healing and well-being. We promise to live up to this expectation by caring and healing each patient as if they were our own family.

Carson Tahoe adheres to the highest standards and best healing practices by providing excellent care to our patients for the greatest possible outcomes.

Living Our Promise
In keeping with our commitment to remain the healthcare and healing leader in our region, Carson Tahoe will:

  • Provide state-of-the-art treatment to the communities we serve
  • Combine convenient access with appropriate levels of care, by connecting the complex Carson Tahoe System
  • Invest every dollar made above the bottom line strategically towards improving healing for patients in Nevada and California
  • Steward precious healthcare dollars by being fiscally responsible, thereby remaining viable and competitive in an ever-evolving medical landscape
  • Nurture staff excellence through education, exceptional benefits and competitive salaries
  • Contribute to the financial stability of our community through involvement, participation and leadership
  • Value our role as the community safety net through synergistic support and charitable care