CTH Board

Carson Tahoe Health Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees of Carson Tahoe Health was created over 60 years ago when Carson-Tahoe Hospital first opened in 1949. The role of the Board was to ensure the optimum care of patients and visitors to the facility. The mission of the Board is to operate for the benefit of the hospital and to fulfill the needs of the community through quality, affordable and compassionate care in an effort to promote better health throughout the area in which they live.

Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare is a subsidiary of CTHS and governed by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees of Carson Tahoe Health oversees the affairs of this corporation with the approval of the Health System Board for certain matters. Trustees are elected by the Health System Board of Directors.

Members of the Health System Board include:

President & CEO Michelle Joy
Chair Elizabeth Duffrin
Vice Chair Kent Gabriel, M.D.
Secretary Larry Messina
Treasurer Susan Knowles, M.D.
Chief of Staff Kevin Halow, M.D.
Director James Breeden, M.D.  
Assistant Secretary     Bruce Robertson
Director Meg Jack, M.D.
Director Jim Manning
Director Bob Sewell
Director Philip O'Neill
Director Gil Yanuck

For more information please contact the Corporate Governance Coordinator.