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Support Number: (775) 445-6403

   *Please call the number above if you need an activation code.

Connect with your doctor and manage your healthcare online, anytime.

MyChart is our new patient portal for all your Carson Tahoe Health & Carson Tahoe Medical Group needs. MyChart acts as a gateway to your complete health record. The secure online platform gives you convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information and can act as a quick resource for you and your provider assuring the best possible care experience. Having your medical information right at your fingertips puts YOU in control of your health. You will receive an activation code at the time of scheduling and when you check-in at a clinic. You may receive an activation code for MyChart as part of your discharge paperwork from primary care, urgent care, or any hospital visit. You can use one MyChart login to manage your health records for all providers that use Epic & MyChart. After you have activated your Carson Tahoe MyChart account, you can link other existing MyChart accounts you may have. Our support number (775) 445-6403 is available Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 6 AM - 8 PM and on weekends from 8 AM - 8 PM.

Please note: Although MyChart replaced our three existing patient portals (Follow My Health, CTMG, and CTC), your old data is available through Medical Records. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause. Each patient portal was run through a different platform, so old data did not automatically transfer over. We recognize the importance of accessing your historical medical information, though, so please contact Medical Records and they'd be happy to assist you.

MyChart Comparison

With the MyChart Patient Portal, you’ll have access to:

  • Messages - Ask your provider questions and receive an answer in a timely and thoughtful manner
  • Medical Records - View visit summaries and physician notes from past visits and admissions, or request your complete personal health record
  • Results - Access your test results, no more waiting for a phone call or letter
  • Appointments - Schedule your next doctor's appointment online and view details for upcoming appointments
  • Medications - View your current medications and dosages and request a prescription refill from your provider
  • Billing - View billing statements and pay outstanding balances for dates of service after October 10, 2020
    • When you activate your MyChart account you will be automatically enrolled in paperless billing statements and will be notified by email when a new bill is available. If you choose, you may log into MyChart to opt-out of future e-billing statements. Or you may contact our billing office directly at (775) 445-7550 after October 10th.
    • Temporarily, you may receive separate individual statements as older balances (10/09 and prior) won't be integrated with MyChart
    • Additionally, you may receive several bills in relation to the medical services you received. As an example, you could get a bill from the emergency room physicians, radiologists, and Carson Tahoe Health depending on services rendered. Only those items concerning Carson Tahoe Health can be accessed through your MyChart portal.
    • One Bill – One Plan. All charges directly rendered through Carson Tahoe Health will be included in one statement. Note: You will continue to receive separate bills for care provided by those physicians who operate from their own private practice.

For services received
on October 10, 2020, to present:

MyChart FAQ

Patient Transparency:

Carson Tahoe Health believes in patient information transparency, and we believe you deserve to see your information as soon as it's available. We will release ALL notes and results immediately to you so you may see some results even before your primary care provider. Please give your primary care provider two business days to review and let you know their thoughts.

The following will now be provided to you:

Lab and Imaging Results

  • Most are already immediately released.
  • Some studies may be delayed.
  • Common “minor abnormals” to expect:
    • There are many results like “MCHC” and “MCV” that may show abnormal but are not clinically important. There are other results, like “ANA” that are challenging to interpret and require reviewing other results and other information from your chart. Sometimes these are best discussed in person.
    • Knowing all this, if you still have an immediate concern, you can send us a message or call our clinic to discuss. Otherwise, we would prefer that we discuss this at your next appointment.
  • Radiology Studies:
    • CT scan, MRI, and PET reports can show new or re-occurring cancer.
    • These reports can also contain words that are hard to understand.
    • These reports can also show unexpected results.
    • We ALWAYS plan to review these results with you and decide on a plan together. We prefer to do this either in person, by video visit, or by phone.
    • When possible, we will discuss the possible results with you BEFORE getting the test, and the next steps we would take with each result.
    • Some patients prefer to see their results online immediately and other patients may feel more comfortable waiting to discuss results when their provider is available at their next visit. As the patient, you can choose when to view your result.

Inpatient Notes

  • All inpatient notes will be immediately released to MyChart upon completion. This includes history and physical, procedure, progress, consultation, therapy, nursing, and discharge notes.
  • We believe that sharing our medical progress notes with you helps us take better care of you and helps us to be a better team.
  • We ask for your patience and understanding as we share notes with you.
  • The most important document of your hospital stay is the Discharge Summary that will be available to you a few days after you leave the hospital. This summarizes your entire hospital stay.
  • If you have questions or concerns about what you read, providers are happy to discuss them with you the next time they complete their rounds.

How To Access MyChart Accounts Via Proxy Access:

How to access a child's record (Desktop)

  • Information needed:
    • Child's First and Last Name
    • Child's legal sex
    • Child's date of birth
    • Child's address
    • Adult's phone number
  • Once you have the above information, follow these steps:
    • Log into MyChart using your own login information
    • Click on the Menu Button in the top left
    • Scroll down to the Sharing Section
    • Click on "Request Access to a Child's Record"
    • Fill out the information and press the button that says "*I certify that I have the legal right to this minor's information"
    • Press Submit Request

How to access a record from someone 18+

  • Information needed (Note: the individual will have to initiate the process - there is no requesting)
    • The friend or family member's name
    • The friend or family member's email address
    • The friend or family member's will need the record holder's birthdate
  • Once you have the above information, follow these steps:
    • Log into MyChart using record holder's login information
    • Click on the Menu Button in the top left
    • Scroll down to the Sharing Section
    • Click on "Friends and Family Access" at the bottom of the page
    • Fill out the information and then select the type of access you would like to give them. There are descriptions beneath all of them to help you make an informed decision
    • Read the terms and conditions and then check the box that says "I agree to the terms and conditions"

Learn More About MyChart:

Download the MyChart Mobile App:


MyChart integrates with the Apple Health app, which is available to patients with an iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later. The health records feature in the Health app makes it easy to access and visualize key parts of your health records, including allergies, conditions, immunizations, labs, medications, procedures, and vitals.