Patient Rights

At Carson Tahoe Health we understand that trying to understand the complexities of a hospital can be very confusing. We have case managers, social workers, and a patient relations team available to help you sort out the complex healthcare system, assist you in healthcare decisions and to be there when you need someone to talk to.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

If you or a family member have care concerns the ideal plan is to first ask to speak with the unit manager or someone from our Patient Relations department. Best practice is to resolve the concern before leaving the facility. A Care Conference can be arranged if needed. Click here to download a printable PDF of the full Patients Rights and Responsibilities.

Notice of Patient’s Civil Rights

Our facilities are legally obligated to serve the community. Our health care facilities are required to make its services available to all people in the community.

  • Carson Tahoe Health’s facilities are not allowed to discriminate against a patient because of race, creed, color, national origin, or because a patient is covered by a program such as Medicaid or Medicare.
  • If a facility provides emergency services, it must not deny those services to a person who needs them but cannot pay for them.

If you believe that you have been improperly denied services, contact the Admissions or Business Office of this facility, or call (800) 638-0742 for assistance. You may also visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights website for more information.

Case Managers

Case managers act as an advocate and advisor, assisting a patient through a sometimes complex healthcare system by helping cut through red tape, getting response to questions, managing crises, and connecting the patient and family to needed resources.

Social Workers

Medical Social Workers provide patients and families with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. They also advise caregivers, counsel patients, and help plan for patients needs after discharge by arranging for at-home services.

Patient Relations Team

When people need help coping with a complex environment, and the environment is a hospital, the need may be especially great. The patient relations team at Carson Tahoe Health is designed to help give you and your family the sense of control that is sometimes lost in the fast pace and technology of a hospital.

The patient relations team will ensure that your rights as a patient are respected and will give you and your family the security of knowing that a concerned professional is there for you.

You have the right of resolution of issues or complaints:

As a patient, you have rights regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, language, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship, veteran status, physical or mental disability, cultural, economic, educational background or the source of payment.

You may contact our Patient Relations Department at (775) 445-8008, [email protected], or in writing at P.O. Box 2168, Carson City, NV 89702.

Complaints or grievances regarding your Quality of Care may also be filed with:

The Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance, 727 Fairview Dr., Ste. E, Carson City, NV 89701. (775) 684-1030, or with CIHQ, P.O. Box 3620, McKinney, TX 75070, (866) 324-5080, [email protected], fax: (805) 934-8588.

Complaints or grievances regarding your civil rights may be filed with:

The Office for Civil Rights, Region IX, 90 7th Street, Suite 4-100,San Francisco, CA  94103, phone (415) 427-8310, or by accessing the website at [email protected]

Complaints or grievances regarding billing concerns may be filed with:

The Office of Consumer Health Assistance, 555 E. Washington Ave., Suite 4800, Las Vegas, NV 89101, (702) 486-3587, Fax (702) 486-3586, Toll Free 1 (888) 333-1597, [email protected]. Or you may file your complaint in writing by accessing the forms on the website at

Please be assured that future access to your quality of care will not be affected by complaints or grievances filed

Here’s How We Can Help

  • Patient advocacy
  • Ethical concerns
  • Complaint resolution
  • Mediation
  • Requests for advance directives
  • Resource referral; spiritual support, foreign language interpreters, accommodations

Help with urgent problems is available 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All messages are picked up and responded to on a regular basis. You may also stop by the Patient Relations Team office on the first floor of the hospital near the main entrance.

After leaving the hospital, questions may arise when you have returned home. For example, you may have concerns about your bill, or what occurred during your hospitalization. A call or letter to the Patient Relations Team will bring an immediate and concerned response.

Before you leave the hospital, please fill out the patient questionnaire in the patient information packet provided at time of admission. You may drop the questionnaire and other comments you have in the suggestion box located outside the Patient Relations Team office.

Patient Relations Team
1600 Medical Parkway
Carson City, NV  89703
P: (775) 445-8008
[email protected]

Bureau of Licensure & Certification
727 Fairview Drive, Suite E
Carson City, NV 89701
P: (775) 684-1030
F: (775) 684-1073
[email protected]

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality
P.O. Box 3620
McKinney, TX 75070
P: (512) 661-2813
F: (805) 934-8588