"From the Heart, About the Heart" Exhibit Starring Carson Tahoe's Cardiologists at the Discovery Museum!

Discover a Fantastic Journey

The Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum’s newest gallery, Inside Out: an Anatomy Experience, will take you on a journey into the curiosities of human anatomy. Through captivating, hands-on exhibits, you’ll uncover the amazing ways our bodies work, grow, age, and heal. Your discoveries will surprise you, your new knowledge empower you, and your visit is certain to inspire you to further explore what makes us human.

Inside Out: an Anatomy Experience

Speaking From the Heart, About the Heart

Carson Tahoe Health is proud to sponsor an integral portion of the exhibit – the heart gallery. Through this collaboration, adults and children can learn about the heart and all of its intricacies in a way that is easy to understand.

CTH Heart Exhibit at Discovery Museum