Peggy P., Breast Cancer

Peggy has endured a lot in her battle with breast cancer. But thanks to the support of Carson Tahoe, she’s never had to fight alone.

Like many in our community, Peggy’s family has a history of cancer. She watched as her mother battled the disease for years, and just one day after burying her mother’s ashes, Peggy herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Despite the heartbreaking loss of a parent and the devastating news of her own diagnosis, Peggy found strength and hope through the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center. Thanks to a comprehensive system of medical professionals, nationally acclaimed treatment, a network of fellow cancer survivors, and a positive healing environment that focuses on the mind, body and soul, she got the care she needed.

Today, Peggy is living cancer-free. Her last treatment was on November 20, 2007, and although she understands that it could still come back at any moment, she isn’t worried. After all, she has an entire army of cancer fighters behind her.