Patrick and Phyliss D., Grateful for Professional, Compassionate Care

On May 8, my husband Patrick D. was brought in to the ER for what was ultimately diagnosed as peripheral artery blockage. The staff in the ER was wonderful and took immediate action. Thank you, Dr. Wolf.

My husband was admitted and underwent stent surgery, performed by Dr. Halow and the amazing surgical staff. We want to give a special thanks to Paula, the nurse who prepped him for surgery.

We want you to know how grateful my husband and I are for the professional, compassionate care he received and for the comfort they gave to me as his spouse.

Marc, Lindsay, and Rhia (his nurses) went above and beyond to make my husband comfortable and medically safe. Their constant care was beyond anything I have ever seen in any other hospital. Their support staff, Intern Robby, Kierstin, Katrina, Tish, Darlyn, and the many others involved in his care… thank you all!

Thank you to the manager of the floor, Mary Sellars, as well as her charge nurses Tracy, Linda, Amanda, and Carmen who made sure my husband was well taken care of and that I was supported as well. I also cannot forget Trish, the unit secretary who was so helpful and supportive.

Lastly, we would be remiss not mentioning the dietary staff: Liz Rachel, and Tiffany who helped me order my husband’s diabetic meals. The information they gave me has made my meal planning at home much easier to understand.

I have mentioned those people that we interacted with the most; However, I would like to thank everyone that has some part in my husband’s care. Words cannot fully describe how grateful we are during a very distressful time.

Patrick and Phyliss D.
Carson City, Nev.