Mary J., Emergency Surgery

I am moving our community to better health – one step at a time.

A nasty fall during a routine walk left Mary in bad shape. Luckily Carson Tahoe had the skills and responsive care to get her back on the path to wellness.

Normally, a brisk stroll through the neighborhood is a good thing for your health. But when Southeast Carson resident, Mary, accidentally tripped on a raised portion of the sidewalk, she hit the ground so hard that she shattered her spleen. Mary didn’t know at first; she just thought she was feeling sore and weak from the fall. However, when her husband Patrick noticed a change in her demeanor – dizzy, pallid and faint – he knew something more serious was happening.

They rushed to Carson Tahoe’s ER, where it was quickly discovered that Mary was bleeding internally. Dr. King and the surgery staff jumped into action, performing an emergency splenectomy to stop the bleeding and repair the damage.

Everything went so smoothly that Mary is back on her feet and – with the help of Carson Tahoe – taking everything in stride.