Maria F., Cardiac Care

I am the heart behind the high-tech.

“At only 45 years old, I never would’ve guessed that I’d have a heart attack. Fortunately the folks at Carson Tahoe are trained to expect the unexpected.

As a Gardnerville teacher, I know a thing or two about homework. But when it came to my own health, I hadn’t thought much about knowing the signs of a heart attack or having a game plan should it happen.

When I found myself in the middle of an emergency, I went to my small neighborhood hospital for help. The only problem was they weren’t equipped to handle a heart attack. Luckily, I was quickly careflighted to Carson Tahoe – the only medical center in the greater Carson region with the resources, skill and technology that could save me.

Today, I’m enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation and I’m feeling great.

As the Carson region’s only complete cardiac care unit and accredited healthcare system, It’s good to know that Carson Tahoe has you covered no matter the situation – any time, any day.”