Keith R., Knee Replacement Surgery

One Patient’s Story of Hope and Recovery
Undergoing a total knee replacement procedure wasn’t part of Keith plan. When the 68-year-old retiree realized it would be difficult to continue his active lifestyle that includes high-energy activities such as fly-fishing and mountain biking without the surgery, he knew it was time to turn to Sierra Surgery Hospital.

“I enjoy staying busy, both with my hobbies and by serving on several boards within the community,” Keith says. “When it became clear that I needed a joint replacement procedure, I asked a friend who is also a physician where he would recommend I turn for help. He praised Sierra Surgery Hospital, and I opted to have my procedure performed there.” Because Sierra Surgery Hospital is a smaller facility dedicated to elective procedures with specialized staff, Keith knew his risk of infection after the procedure would be lower and he would receive personalized care. “For my needs, Sierra Surgery Hospital was the perfect fit,” Keith says. “They exceeded my expectations.”

Preparing for a Procedure
In March 2006, Keith checked into Sierra Surgery Hospital to undergo a total knee replacement procedure. From the moment he entered the facility, the professionalism and courtesy of the staff impressed Keith. “The facility was extremely organized,” Keith says. “They admitted me quickly on the day of my knee replacement procedure, and the process wasn’t at all stressful, which I appreciated because the situation itself was stressful enough.”

After the procedure, Keith was taken to a private room to relax and recuperate overnight. Every patient at Sierra Surgery Hospital can be assured he or she will stay in a private room decorated in a soothing, relaxing style. Visitors are welcome, and a chef prepares the food. Beyond these amenities, however, the staff showed a deep commitment to personalized service for Keith.

“Everything I needed was available to me in my room,” Keith explains. “The staff was always available if I needed anything, and I felt relaxed and safe. I was released the next day and went home to begin my recovery process.”

A Repeat Customer
In May 2009, Keith learned he needed a prostatectomy, and the decision of where to go was easy. “After my first experience at Sierra Surgery Hospital, I didn’t want to trust my care to anywhere else,” Keith says. “The second procedure, which was an outpatient surgery, went just as smoothly as the first, and the staff members at Sierra Surgery Hospital were just as kind and helpful. I am very appreciative of the way I was treated.”