Karen B., Emergency Services

I am the calm before, during, and after the storm.

After a month-long vacation of blue skies and sunny days, Karen found herself navigating a storm of severe health problems when she arrived back home. Good thing Carson Tahoe was there to show her the way back to good health.

Karen and her husband Bill had just returned from a lengthy stay in Mexico. It was a month of relaxing, seeing the sights, and soaking up the sun. Things couldn’t have been better. But just as they were settling back into their normal routine in Lake Almanor, the health equivalent of a perfect storm struck. Karen’s body began telling her something wasn’t right and that she needed to get to the ER immediately. Meanwhile, Bill was facing a cancer diagnosis.

Luckily, the comprehensive care of Carson Tahoe was there for them with an amazing team of emergency physicians, skilled surgeons and compassionate hospitalists. Today, the clouds have parted, and both Karen and Bill are ready to once again take on the world. One vacation at a time.