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Just yesterday, I underwent the second of two vascular angiograms with angioplasty at your facility. I had both procedures done within a 90 day period and wanted to write a quick letter to complement your organization for an outstanding experience. From the pleasant young lady at reception, to the wonderful smiling ladies of the admissions desk, to the genuine, caring, and professional nurses, techs, Doctors, and aides, my experience was absolutely without equal. Throughout my business career, I have served as CEO of my own companies and worked closely with some major medical institutions, in particular, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Florida. The level of compassion, excellence, and professionalism I have experienced at Carson Tahoe, puts them all to shame. I would like to especially recognize Ms. Ramona Johnson RN, at your cardiac surgical center. Her caring and compassion and dedication to insuring the best possible outcome for the patient will be something I will remember and talk about whenever I speak of Carson Tahoe Health. I have always found it ironic that American business spends billions of dollars on glitzy advertising yet their service disappoints those valuable consumers when they get in the door. Your hospital, and its marvelous staff renews my faith that this model still exists and functions superbly. A higher compliment to pay a business, I cannot imagine. Thank you and your organization for a wonderful experience and a job well done.

John R.

I had the opportunity to have my Stroke & Vascular Screening today & it was painless. What made it worth the $75 was meeting Tami, Alisha, Candy, and Collen; your staff that ran the screenings. They were all highly professional and personable, which is the best of both worlds. Each lady was better than the last and the circle continues. You picked the best of the best to run this clinic. They all were both beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you and keep hiring staff like these four and you will have many happy patients.

Gary W.

I wanted to extend my deep appreciation for the care my mother had in her last days. Her health declined quickly and unexpectedly and my family of 6 siblings along with their families arrived from 3 different states to say our goodbyes. We were worried about access because of the pandemic and the sheer number of family wanting to see her, but we were met with unfailing courtesy and empathy at all hours of the day. I can only hope if I live to 93 that my last days are surrounded by family, friends, and excellent staff like you have at Carson-Tahoe Health. I have worked in healthcare for over 33 years and was so impressed by the care and professionalism I saw there. The nurses and aides on the telemetry unit and orthopedic unit introduced themselves at each shift change, checked in with us regularly, and responded quickly when we needed them. They kept my mom comfortable and clean; always remembering that she was a human being, treating her gently and respectfully despite the fact that she could not respond. My mother was a patient from 8/9/2020 until 8/13/2020. She was admitted to the telemetry floor and transferred to the orthopedic floor for comfort care. I unfortunately did not write down any names but each staff member from the charge nurse to the housekeeping and the dietary staff that brought us coffee and snacks were amazing and deeply appreciated.

Wendy P.

On February 12, 2020 I had a total right knee replacement (I had put this off for approximately 15 years) I started P.T. on February 20, 2020. I was assigned to Kelly Kanter, and I really I am not a person who enjoys exercise and after being in pain for many years, the thought of adding more through PT did not excite me. But everyone told me PT is the single most important thing I can do after this type of surgery! Kelly has a personality that makes her patients feel very comfortable. She also has an amazing ability to get you to do what needs to be done and even just a bit more! In the past I have had several physical therapists that pushed me to the point where I did not return, I never felt that way with Kelly. The range of exercises that she and Jill Cachinero gave me to do was perfect. (I had Jill for a week while Kelly was gone and she is also fantastic at what she does.) Carson Tahoe should be very proud of its PT Department. The facility is clean and always very well maintained. The women at the front desk (Jeanette and Sandra) are always friendly and welcoming and the rest of the staff at the office are friendly and encouraging. I have to have my left knee replaced next year and because of Carson Tahoe Therapy, I am not dreading it like I was on this one ... Kelly and Jill encouraged me to do some of these exercises to strengthen the left knee before surgery. I just wanted to be sure to let you know how wonderful these people really are and how much they have changed my life for the better.

Heidi M.

Oncology staff, infusion staff, pharmacy staff, and radiation staff. I took my last treatments, Thursday, and was so overcome emotionally, not by stopping one of my treatments, but by the true caring and dedication of the cancer treatment staff. You all make the not fun and scary treatments into a tolerable, your okay treatment. I could feel our Lord's healing, guiding your hearts and your actions. You all are life-changing and saving on a level you may not realize. You redirect us (patents and family) from destructive self-pity and fear of treating cancer to your okay treatment and to having to look forward to all of us fighting while keeping us focused on beating this horrible disease. I will never forget the outstanding dedication and genuine caring all of you gave me and give to so many people. Thank you all. We will kick cancer ass. Forever in your debt and never forget I APPLAUD you.

Richard A.

I couldn’t have had a better healthcare experience than I did at Carson Tahoe! Staff were wonderful and I cannot say enough nice things about my stay at CTH.


I wish to thank the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals and staff who each and collectively made my experience at your facility as easy and successful as it could be.

I had a scheduled hysterectomy at Sierra Surgery on April 10, 2018, with Dr. Steven Arcangeli, assisted my Dr. Shannon Hess and anesthesiologist Dr. John Anxo. In my preliminary and pre-op appointments, Dr. Arcangeli was thorough, informative, kind, and compassionate, and I was very confident in the course of treatment we selected and in his ability.

On the day of the surgery, each person I interacted with was confident and caring, and I felt I was in very competent hands before and after the procedure. Dr. Arcangeli and Dr. Anxo each spoke to me before the surgery. I very much appreciate Dr. Anxo’s expertise who took careful consideration of my concern for post-op nausea and prescribed a patch and anesthesia method that successfully prevented all nausea. And he patiently explained it to me twice, since I was distracted by the needle the nurse was putting into my hand.

After the surgery, while in post-op, I had an unusual side effect that caused my diaphragm to seize and made it impossible to take more than sips of air. This was very scary and painful. I don’t know how long this lasted (it seemed to last forever!), but the nurses were calm and comforting in their efforts, and ultimately administered a remedy that allowed the muscle to relax. Breathing is not overrated!

Aside from the diaphragm episode, my surgery and recovery have been more than I could hope for, and I attribute it to the excellent care I received from the people associated with the Sierra Surgery Center and Carson Tahoe Health. I deeply appreciate the fact that I and my community have access to such a high-quality organization of professionals and facilities.


Theresa A.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my experience at your facility. I had a baby on May 5. I was treated so well and the experience with the doctors and nurses was amazing. It was my fourth child so I had a predisposition to think all experiences were the same. Your hospital was amazing. The nurses were attentive and so helpful. The anesthesiologist was so awesome and understanding given the amount of pain and stress I was in. The OB/GYN who delivered my little one was awesome. I cannot compliment the staff on the level of care they gave enough. It truly was an awesome experience giving birth at your facility and I wanted to make sure I was able to tell you all how wonderful it truly was. Please do not ever change a thing.

Warmest regards,

Jennifer C.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone at Carson Tahoe Hospital for their kindness and concern for me while I was there having surgery on March 13th.  From the ladies at check in (at 5:30am) to the trip to my car in the wheelchair at the end of my stay, every single person I came in contact with was polite, cheerful, caring and kind. 

From scheduling, the financial office and blood draws to Jeff and Elaine(?) in pre op, to the OR staff, the fabulous Dr. Anderson, the recovery room and my excellent nurses and aids- Mary, Kiersten, Emma, Darlyn, Jill, Lacy, Angelica, Christy, Ben, Brittnay and my awesome anesthesiologist Dr. Bak, everyone went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety.   Please forgive me if I left anyone out, it was not intentional! 

I work in the hospitality industry and I am very aware that too often all we receive after service is ‘the bad news or review.’  That is why I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to everyone at Carson Tahoe Hospital, Dr. Anderson’s office and everyone affiliated with my care.  I hope my thanks will be passed along to the crew because we just don’t hear THANK YOU enough!

Mary J.

I wanted to send a letter of gratitude for a recent interaction with the Pediatric department. I met Jaydon, who works in scheduling, at the hair salon and struck up conversation. I voiced my concerns I was experiencing with my children’s current pediatrician. She told me not to worry that it was an easy remedy and that she would contact me the next business day to get everything squared away. She contacted me as promised and on the day of the appointment she made sure everything had transpired well with the new physician. I am elated that Carson Tahoe has provided this exceptional service and care for their patience. A big thank you to Jaydon for going above and beyond!

Colleen M.

To all the lovely staff who took care of me from 9/22 – 9/25: Thank you all for the beautiful care you took of me from hip surgery to discharge. You made my stay so comfortable with your kind and caring attention, I felt quite pampered! I appreciate the attention you gave my husband. It’s so hard to just sit and wait! Your conversations helped immensely. Thanks again and god bless you all.

Zoe N.

THANK YOU – more than we can say – the Merriner Cottages made Steve’s stay so much easier – just a wonderful offering for patients and very much appreciated.

Steve & Mary S.

Carson Tahoe Hospital staff as well as all of their medical faculties are top notch, the best and compassionate. Words cannot express our thanks for every time we’ve had the pleasure of being there. You’re the best!!!

Leslie R.

I just want to take a quick moment the thank Sarah Key in your cardio unit. My Mother had a double bypass and all of your nurses were phenomenal, but Mrs. Key went beyond her normal duties, not only for my mother but also to our family in making sure we were all comfortable & informed! A huge thank you to Mrs. Key & to all of you staff!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Steven J.

Thank you to the entire staff who took excellent care of me during my stay. Psychiatrist Benjamin was able to identify issues and took a lengthy amount of time speaking with me in order to ensure proper treatment was prescribed.

The entire staff during my stay were always attentive, helpful, and eager to ensure I was comfortable at all times.

I appreciate this facility and their dedication to making a change.


Misty B.

My husband, Vince, had surgery at the Carson Tahoe Surgery Center and I am writing to thank three professionals for their exceptional care.

Dr. Bessette who performed the surgery. For his wisdom of keeping his patients overnight after a Thyroidectomy. For his dedication and concern when problems occurred after surgery. We heard that he had made multiple calls throughout the night to follow Vince’s condition.

Jennifer, the nurse who took care of Vince on Wednesday from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. Jennifer was amazing. I woke up and made a simple phone call on Wednesday morning to say good morning to Vince. The last thing I expected to hear was that Vince was in surgery to save his life. When my daughter, son, and I arrived, Jennifer met us with a very calm and caring demeanor. She came quickly all during the day to watch Vince and keep us informed about Vince’s condition. She really was very concerned about Vince and was willing to stay with him after her shift to make sure all was going well through the night. She is a very warm, caring nurse and she simply was by our side during the shock of the news that things had become so severe in Vince’s post-surgery recovery.

Vince was moved to the ICU Wednesday night to be watched very carefully for his breathing. I want to compliment Robbie for his excellent care. Vince was feeling so much better and was ready to go home. Robbie was VERY patient with us. I asked for so much and wondered how many requests were allowed and Robbie’s answer was that it was unlimited. It was a tough day for the hospital because the computers were down and Robbie did his very best to have Vince released as soon as possible.

As we drove away, we both commented on how lucky we were to have been cared for at the Carson Tahoe Medical facilities.

We are so grateful that prayers were answered through the exceptional care of Dr. Bennett, Jennifer, and Robbie. May God bless the three of you for caring for your patients.

Vince and Susan B.

I would like to thank you for the care that I received yesterday in your facility. I came in via L+D triage and was given exceptional, compassionate care throughout my whole stay. Although my stay was longer then expected, I was kept well informed of the delays throughout my entire stay, was encouraged to be comfortable, and had every request met! I would especially like to thank Mary, my RN, Tracey, my Ultrasound Technician and Gia, another RN that would check on me when she was close by. I look forward to future care in this department, and know that when I come back in August to have my baby, I will be in great hands!

Melissa V.

It seems to me that people generally do not take the time to express their gratitude as they once did. I think that is wrong—especially when you have an extraordinary member of your team who is deserving of recognition. Not because she is courteous and professional, although those would be reason enough, but because her heart. Sir, I would like to draw your attention to one of your speech language pathologists: Mrs. Shannon A. Smith.

My name is George E. I am the son-in-law of her 84 year old patient. I have attended nearly every session he has had with Mrs. Smith. To casual onlookers, she would appear to be an exceptional example of her profession—and that assessment would be correct. The more observant may even say that Mrs. Smith’s commitment and capacity to care for her patients is reminiscent of an earlier history when such attributes were the norm and not the exception. Unlike the brusque, sometimes mechanical, “bedside manner” that is frequently associated with contemporary medical practitioners, Mrs. Smith demonstrates an extraordinary compassion for others.

Mrs. Smith’s active engagement in my father-in-law’s well-being has done far more than provide him with education and training to help him regain, as much as is possible, any semblance of normalcy. Her compassion and genuine empathy broke through a tough exterior common to his generation, and, in turn, helped him to consider possible beneficial options that may bring a measure of comfort for the remainder of his mortal existence; options he has rejected in previous visits with other medical professionals. Nothing is more debilitating than despair. Like a lighted candle in a dark room, she gave him hope when all looked bleak. For this, we are grateful.

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but Mrs. Smith has a unique ability to reach others. This, to me, is evidenced by the positive effect she has had on him.

George E.

I just wanted to let you know about the great care my 11 year old daughter received. My daughter needed a MRI of her brain due to severe headaches. She had to have anesthesia due to the anxiety of the procedure.

We started at Registration and the lady was so kind and efficient. I was quite nervous about my daughters exam, and she was amazing. Next was ARC and the nurses there. Lori and Kathy were fantastic. Kathy wasn’t even our nurse but she made it a point to check on us. Jeannie, the unit secretary, was most helpful and sweet. Dr. Heape did the anesthesia, as well as a male nurse that I have forgotten his name, they we kind and I really was glad they were her doctor and RN. The MRI tech was so patient and explained everything, just a sweet heart.

I am an employee, and we have some amazing people who work here. I wanted to point out the positive in my co-workers. So often we only hear the negative. Thank You to them for the excellent care of my only child and my pride and joy.

Julie CN.

I would like to thank everyone from the Emergency Room to the hospice that helped us take care of my father, from the day he went to emergency for shortness of breath to the cardiac unit he left from the hospital.

The people that took care of my Dad were knowledgeable, attentive and extremely kind and compassionate. He felt safer there than he did at home. But in the end he felt just as safe with his family and hospice at home.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Kathy S.

My father was under your care at the Carson Tahoe Medical Campus from Nov. 5th to Nov. 24th. I wanted to first thank you and the entire staff for the wonderful care and attention you gave to him and our family. After leaving your care, he checked into the rehab center in Santa Cruz, CA, and immediately began to have internal bleeding complications. After 3 days in ICU, he was given a rather dismiss prognosis at which time he decided that hospice care was his final wish. He was really in terrible condition at the time.

He was removed for all medications with the exception of ‘primarily’ morphine (comfort only). After 10 days the bleeding had stopped and one month later he has fought his way back to reasonable health. We are now off hospice care and back to seeing his regular cardiologist (Dr. Neil Sawhney) and making great progress. He is walking regularly, eating, and without his oxygen tank. He is positive and regaining his life back.

We can’t thank you enough for everything that you and your team did for us. Your positive attitude helped in through some very difficult days.

We remain cautiously optimistic. Thanks again for everything.

The Smith’s

Exceptional care is indeed what I received during my surgical stay at your facility on November 19th! You must be proud of such an outstanding staff, from the volunteers at the front desk to the cafeteria staff, and all in between: lab and x-ray staff, nursing staff – in short, everyone I encountered. All were most gracious, friendly, professional, and helpful. The hospital itself is just lovely, and clearly designed to facilitate patient comfort and care.

I cannot say enough about my care: The pre-op home phone call from Melissa assured me that all was “on track” and did much to ease my preliminary “jitters; Annabelle in pre-op further helped put me at ease, as did visits from the surgery nurse Addie and anesthesiologist Dr. Walther.

I woke up in recovery to Annie’s expert care (bless her) until she delivered me to the superb nursing staff in ICU. I cannot thank Regan, Jessica, and Nancy enough for their tender and dedicated care. I truly felt as though I had angels watching over me – I did! I much appreciated the follow-up home phone call from Caroline of the Transitional Care team. My gratitude is also due the several other staff members, whose names I didn’t learn. You people just have it all together.

I must confess that, as a retired RN of many years, my care expectations might be a bit higher than some patients. Your staff exceeded them all! I’ll be singing your praises to all I know!

Annette R.

I was at CTMC about 3 1/2 yrs. ago, and there were two things I suggested then that were changed for this visit. More information–I have Type I diabetes and wear an insulin pump. I was very excited that I got to order my own meals this time. Last time, a person from the kitchen came to each room and read out the choices trying to follow the Diabetic Exchange Diet. I do carb counting, and it was difficult trying to figure that out since she insisted/strongly suggested that I take one item from each category. This time, I could look over the choices and choose what I needed to eat based on my basal and bolus settings in my pump. It was A BIG IMPROVEMENT! One thing I was not happy with was the fact that every time I ordered half a sandwich (all I could have), I always got a whole one. I felt they were wasting food by doing that.

The other great improvement that was only halfway started last time was the fact that I could take my own blood sugar readings on my meter, use my bolus wizard on my pump which was linked to my meter, get the amount of suggested insulin for the meal, and key it in for the injection through the pump. Then, I let the RN know the BS reading on the meter and the amount of insulin I took. I do this daily, and I have for over 25 years with the pump, so I was happy to be allowed to do it on my time in the hospital.

Three other things that were very nice:
Peggy G. came by to visit on Friday when she had time from her other amazing list of activities as a volunteer. What a sweet, caring, giving, and adorable lady!
A male volunteer delivered a complimentary copy of the Nevada Appeal. Thanks for that!!
A Cub Scout Troop–troops 50 & 65–all from the Montessori School, I found out, came by with Get Well Cards. I used to be a teacher, and it cheered me to see them and ask them a few questions about their lives. That was special for me. Thanks for allowing them to do that!

I hope you will tell all the appropriate parties what I found so helpful and rewarding about my stay. Thank you for the effort you put into making a patient “feel as much at home” as they can be under the circumstances.

Thanks and have a great day. I am feeling better day-by-day, and you all helped to get that process started.

Joan G.

Tuesday, 11/17, my wife brought me into your ER. I ended up being admitted. I had a stent put in mid RCA artery 11/18. They all were helpful, hopeful and humorous. I cannot thank EVERYONE enough. This is my second time around, first time was in 2008.

I would like to thank everyone that helped me through this including but not limited to Bethany, Bonnie, Dominic, Jacob and Jenne S, and Shelly. Your entire Cardiac unit was fantastic. Thank you again!

Mason L.

Thank you. To each of you goes my heart-felt appreciation for making my successfully surgery, in a word, pleasant. It began with my competent and personable doctor (and his excellent staff) who prescribed double hand surgery.

The process flowed seamlessly starting with my registration and check-in. It was punctual and convenient. My surgery process went by the numbers with no waiting and with all questions answered in advance.

Your facilities are expertly designed. The environment is relaxing and assuring. It made me feel at home. Pre-surgery was efficient and rapid.

The hospital doctors, nurses and staff were obviously competent, experienced and thorough, yet friendly while tolerating this crabby old man. The surgery was Zip. My discharge was smooth. My happy index was a “10.”

Thank each of you for, well, a pleasant experience. You are the best.

Charles B.

My 2-yr-old son came into the ER on the 28th with inexplicable breathing problems. It ended up being reactive airway disease. Dr. Tillit was so charming and gentle with Jacob, and made both of us feel so cared for. It was very clear to me that Dr. Tillit loved his job and was passionate about children. He had a calm and reassuring demeanor, which was so appreciated.

I imagine the ER schedule gets hectic and overwhelming, especially this time of year. It was very surprising to me to be treated like a person and not just another needy patient. His whole staff was that way: the nurse from pediatrics came in and gave me tips on how to help me with clearing Jacob’s sinuses, the x-ray technician had to come up with clever ways to get the x-ray panel to work since my son would not cooperate, and even the intake nurse was super sweet about how worried I was. There was not a soul who didn’t go the extra mile for us and make us feel like we mattered.

With three kids, I’ve been in urgent care and ER more than once. I have not always had this kind of experience. Everyone was top of the line. If I could I’d order pastries and coffee all around. I don’t have the cash, so I’m writing this to you instead.

Thanks all! And Happy Holidays!

Becky H.

Last Sunday, October 25, 2015, I spent several hours in the Carson Tahoe Emergency Room with abdominal pain. I was given a diagnosis, pain medication, Rx for Flomax and sent home. The attention and care I received from the ER staff was positive, professional, compassionate, and cheerful. You are to be commended for a high quality staff at the ER.

I cannot remember all the names of the people who attended me, but I would like to mention the following:

Ethan Everest, RN
Stephanie, RN
Susana, Housekeeping
Dr. Meg Jack, ER Physician
Geri, CT Technician

All were professional and cheerful with me and got me through a most uncomfortable afternoon. Their instructions were clear and they certainly had a clear understanding of my discomfort (they successfully dealt with that discomfort).

I felt that I was in competent and caring hands.

Patrick W.

On October 8, I went in for a routine Colonoscopy at Dr. Gao’s office and something went terribly wrong and my breathing and heart stopped. The paramedics rushed me to the Emergency Department, and they performed CPR but they thought I was gone. The wonderful people in Emergency kept me alive till my family could get there. My beautiful daughter came in and kissed me on my forehead and my vitals started to go up. I was rushed to ICU and was cared for by the Angels working there. They kept me alive. Then the staff took care of me for a week. I was scared and I didn’t know if I could make it but those wonderful people held my hand at night, and took care of me . I can’t believe the people that are working there. I am eternally grateful and will never forget each and everyone who saved my life. Thank you all

Maryann B.

I would like to talk about my experience at your facility and with one of your employees in particular. Her name is Maureen R. I am sorry I don’t know her last name, that is just what it said on her badge.

I came in with very scary symptoms. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I found myself alone, scared and crying. Next thing I know this angel appeared and I knew everything was going to be OK.

She sat down with me, grabbed my hand and asked me what was wrong. I explained my situation and the next thing I knew, she got me a warm blanket and sat by my side. She explained to me that I am not alone, that there are amazing people that work here and everyone of them will make sure that I have the best care. She was right.

I ended up spending the night and I thought that was the last I would see of her. But she came up and checked on me. I told her she didn’t have too because I knew she was busy and she said, “not too busy for you- you are my top priority”.

As I said before, I believe she is an angel. I just wanted to make sure you knew too.

Katherine J.

I wanted to give a “shout out” to Shawn Binn, one of the speech therapists at Carson Tahoe. I worked at Carson Tahoe from 1986-2007 (mostly as a nurse in the ER) and I knew Shawn from a distance. I could always tell that she was one of those quiet, caring and kind professionals, but did not know how truly wonderful she was until a few weeks ago.

My husband was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that can cause difficulty swallowing and weight loss. While waiting for a full evaluation, I called Shawn for advice. She offered to meet with us on a Sunday to informally talk about this particular disease, treatment options, and therapy. Shawn was kind and caring. She gave us some great information about increasing calories for weight gain and general course of illness. My husband and I are both health care professionals, but when diseases hit personally, it is challenging to wade through evaluations and treatment. Shawn provided reassurance and comfort to both of us. She went above and beyond, and we appreciate our meeting so very much.

Kelly F.

On September 3, 2015, I contacted my physician’s office (Dr. Basa) to make an appointment. I spoke with the receptionist and she initially told me it would be about a week before I could get in to see Dr. Basa. I told her my situation and asked if there was any way I could get in sooner. She put me on hold for a nanosecond and returned saying they could see me that afternoon.

I know how busy the practice is and was so grateful to get in so quickly. Everyone was gracious and kind and I left the office a much happier person. Thank you so much for accommodating me. I am forever grateful.

Cathy D.

I just filled out the patient survey I received in the mail after my stay at Carson Tahoe Health and it reminded me to let you know my appreciation for my care while at the hospital. I gave the hospital and staff the highest marks in all areas. We have a wonderful, caring facility in our area. All of the staff we encountered during my stay were caring, friendly, supportive and professional. Especially the young man in the middle of the night that ran and got me another pillow. If it wasn't for my procedure while there, it would have been a nice vacation! I am not looking forward to returning any time soon but if I do, my care will be the least of my worries. Thanks again.

Richard C.

I came in to the ER on 8/2/14 with symptoms similar to a heart attack. While not impressed with the desk staff and being treated like I had inconvenienced them I did find it to be completely different as soon as I was called back. The Triage nurse was very nice, reassuring, and paid extreme attention to detail.

Once in the back I was cared for by my nurse, Hope and Dr. Ream. Both were excellent. Hope was attentive and on the ball. Very concerned about how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. She provided excellent care. Dr. Ream however amazed me. I have never had a doctor in an ER sit down in the chair and talk to me, take the time to ask about all of my concerns as well as get a full history. Never once did he talk at me or make me feel like be was hurried to move on to the next person. He came and explained the test results, the tests he was ordering, and why. His tone was warm and caring. You definitely have two amazing employees.

To be completely honest I was not totally comfortable coming to your hospital due to the type of health concerns I had. I thought seriously about going to a bigger hospital. I no longer have those concerns and am confident in the medical staff you employ.

You are very lucky to have obtained these professionals as representatives of the type of care people receive at your facility.

Monique G.

I would like to thank Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for the care given to my sister, Helen S. She completed her journey on September 1. Her care on the third floor was exceptional. When she was taken to the second floor to the telemetry ICU, we knew she would not be going home. Her nurses, her Angels, were Yukari and Alex. How can I ever repay you ladies for your caring of both my sister and us, her family. I thank her doctor for his compassion. Yukari, thinking of us with food and drink, when we were unable to think of it ourselves was beyond kindness itself. Your hugs, your tears, will long be remembered; treasured. Everyone around You and Alex should know you are exceptional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nikki D.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the professionalism and courtesy of your entire staff. I was admitted for one night on July 20 and every one of your staff that I encountered were superb. No stay in a hospital is ever pleasant but your staff ensured that I was as comfortable as possible. I had been running on the Tahoe Rim Trail for over 30 hours and was filthy and smelly. Your staff was kind enough to disconnect the IV and EKG leads long enough to allow me to shower. Although this made for more work for them, it made a tremendous difference toward making me comfortable and allowing me to have a restful night.

The next day I had a non-refundable flight from Sacramento which, if I had missed it, would have been very expensive and quite inconvenient for me and my wife. Your staff somehow got me discharged very quickly, which allowed me to (barely) make my flight and return home on schedule. Thanks again for your dedication to patient care.

Russell J.

From July 22nd to July 24th, I was a patient at CTH in the Telemetry Unit. Like most hospital stays, I could think of places that I would rather be. The nurses and medical staff, doctor, attendants and the unknown lady on the phone who took my meal orders are all a fantastic bunch of people. Treated me as a person and not a patient. They did their jobs efficiently and all had a wild sense of humor, which I appreciated since I am partially insane myself. I would like to mention their names but can’t remember all. Many thanks to those who made this patient’s stay most enjoyable.

Bob H.

The staff of doctors and nurses in the Critical Care Unit at this hospital are nothing short of amazing. My father became critical on July 7th and spent his entire stay in this unit until he unfortunately passed away on July 22nd. I can’t say enough about this staff, their drive, their compassion and their will to fight for my father’s life the entire way. My family is very proud of your staff and as I said to several of them, you have nothing to hang your heads about regarding my father’s passing. You all did the best you could. Thank you from every corner of my heart, and I will be sending a letter to your Chief of Staff explaining what quality individuals you really are.

David G.

I was impressed from the beginning. I can’t thank your staff enough for the excellent care and sensitivity that was displayed in every way for my Dad, Robert, my Mom, and I!

Ramona, ER RN: I’m so appreciative of the way you took a handle of the urgent situation and got things moving! You are such a multitasker and didn’t miss a beat! From assessing his respirations and distress to understanding and hearing the sad reality of his late stage lung cancer and desires for DNR/DNI. Thank you!

Dr. Eisenmesser, ER MD: You assumed immediate care of my Dad and I couldn’t have asked for a better physician to be on that morning! The sensitivity that you displayed in listening to our unfortunate situation and laying out the treatment options without judgment was good on my heart! You were very empathetic and respected the choices my Mom and I had to make at this difficult time. I am so grateful for that! Thank you!

Chris, RN, Case Manager: Ahh, that good old therapeutic touch! Thank you for talking us through the options of getting my Dad home for hospice (which was his desire) or admitting for comfort care. I do think our decision to stay was the better for both my Mom and Dad, as he passed away peacefully and comfortably with us by his side just a few hours later.

Dr. Rau, MD, Hospitalist: You accepted care for my Dad while offering sympathy and condolences. You made sure we understood the nature of his status and the plan of care moving forward. thank you for the orders that allowed my Dad to be comfortable as we permitted him to pass peacefully.

Brittany, RN and Courtney, CNA: You took on the care of not only my Dad, but of my Mom and I as well. Thank you for tending to our needs during this time and answering our questions. You gave us the time we needed to be with him and also made yourself available for us! I’m grateful for the privacy, the availability, the beautiful room with a view, and the rain that blessed that day!

Crystal, Social Worker: This was a (relative) surprise and tough situation we were facing. Thank you for your kind words of sympathy and being available. Thank goodness this didn’t drag on for days, but your offer was sincere and we really appreciated the hospitality tray to tend to our nourishment while we watched and waited for the inevitable to come.

Delphino, Sage Cafe: Oh my! You blessed me so much! The grill was closed and you went above and beyond to make me a delicious hot panini sandwich. Sometimes you just never know what someone else is going through and a simple act can mean so much! Thank you!

As a medical provider myself (RN), we spend so much time saving lives that sometimes ‘end of life’ can be a foreign concept coming into the emergency room. However, I cannot express how grateful I am to have gone through this process with my Dad under everyone’s care at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. You truly represented the holistic approach of health care at its finest.

Thank you from my grieving heart,

Deborah W., RN, BSN, CEPS (c/o Robert G. & Carol G.)

I have paid to stay at a spa and didn’t get treated as good as I did here. Everyone has not just gone above and beyond but MILES above and MILES beyond to take excellent care of me. I am one of those that are the first to complain and I cannot say one bad thing about my stay, and I have been here since Monday. Everyone in the ER was kind and compassionate, even the house keeper in the ER took the time to sit with me and held my hand because I was scared. No one was below exceptional, everyone was amazing, please thank everyone for me.


On Saturday, May 30, I came to the ER room with chest pains. The ER doctor was very nice and professional. He determined very quickly that I had a heart issue. I was admitted to the hospital where I received exceptional care from the hospital staff. I want to send your staff my sincere appreciation for their courtesy, expertise and sincere concern for my well-being. Your hospital should be very proud of these professionals:

Admitting Doctor Almaguer, Cardiologist Doctor Chavez, Cardiologist Doctor Stephen Tann who performed the heart catheterization. All the nurses were wonderful: Crystal, Jen and Celeste, and Assistant Nurses Denise, Dominic and Tess.

Again, I am so grateful for the care that I received in your hospital.

Robert B.

I had major surgery on May 16th at 9PM. Dr. DeMar was my surgeon and Dr. Steve, my anesthesiologist. They and the surgical team nurses are tops in my book.

For the next 10 days I had the pain and pleasure of staying in room #204, looking out at our federal and state flags and the changes in the weather, while a truly outstanding professional group of nurses, nurses assistants, and others provided outstanding care for me. Nurses Nona, Kelsey, Tina, Richard, Emily, Sarah/Charge nurse, Lisa, Lee Ann and others; Nurses Assistants Mary, Diane, Jeremiah, Ethan, and others, got me thru one of the most difficult times in my long life. They all treated me as if I was their real father or grandfather and I like to express to those who would understand:

I was in Hell, but surrounded by an army of Angels, who brought me through it. God Bless your staff!

Gary W.

To the Labor and Delivery nurses and doctors:

You are all so wonderful, compassionate, kind… there are not enough words to describe!

Last March I had the unfortunate event of having my little girl at 22 weeks. She was too young to survive more than 15 minutes outside the womb. Through the whole ordeal several nurses and Dr. Arcangeli helped me, through my 5 hours of labor and through the painful process of having a baby that we all knew wouldn’t survive, and were all amazing. They were very supportive and gentle with me and my family. I left the hospital crying, but only because of the life lost. I don’t think my family and I would have been able to get through it all without the compassion shown to us!

This April I was able to have a little boy at 39 weeks, healthy and full of life! Nurse Katie, Nurse Chris, and Dr. Arcangeli helped me and my family. There were other nurses and doctors that came and went but those 3 had the most time with us and had the biggest impact on us. Again everyone was kind and compassionate and supportive, but those 3 were the best! Nurse Katie was at the hospital when I was admitted around 4am, and Nurse Chris and Dr. Arcangeli were there when it was time to push and have my baby around 5pm. Both nurses also helped me with breastfeeding, which I probably would not have been able to do without their help, and were there to help me (during there perspective shifts) through out my whole time at the hospital!

I will never be able to say thank you enough to everyone for being so great to me and my family! Because of these great experiences I’m seriously considering going into nursing!

Monica S. and Family

I was in the hospital in Jan. for a week with Influenza and a pneumonia. So I was in isolation, and I have to say I felt for the nurses, they had to glove up and gown up every time they came in. They were all fabulous. Marilyn, Lisa, oh there were so many. Each of them wonderful. Everyone was super nice, the meal person I spoke to on the phone each day was very sweet. I truly appreciated how I was treated during that scary time. Even though I was infectious, I was never treated like it. Marilyn was my main nurse for most of my stay, she checked in on me all the time, asking me how my pain level was and helped me deal with that and all my other medical problems. I cannot say enough good things about this hospital and the staff!! Thank you nurses, you rock!!

Pixiey D.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the nursing staff (including the CNA’s) from the Pre-Op procedure through the discharge procedures for my husband’s recent surgery at the RMC were all very kind, caring, and compassionate. Because of their care, my husband was able to get back on his feet and get home on time and is doing remarkably well for having a kidney removed.

Kudos to the team at CTRH for providing the environment where he was comfortable and could find peace and solace during his recovery.

Salli D.

Seven years ago my mom didn’t feel well and we took her to your ER where she has a MASSIVE heart attack within a short time of arriving. After superhuman efforts by many of the ER staff and many other people during her one month stay, she came home…..a little “nutty” but alive!

I wrote a thank you note then and mentioned those that gave her daily superior care and acknowledged the cardiologists and many other fine people that made her miracle happen.

Cut to this year; Thursday, April 2nd to be exact. My dad got scared to death over some dizziness and momentary blackouts he had been experiencing for a few months (but didn’t let us kids know). The ER doc was perplexed by what dad told him and advised to stay a while so the ER team could monitor him and see if an episode would happen& IT DID.LOTS OF THEM! He then figured out too-sweet what was going on since dad’s description wasn’t very helpful.

Once again, your ER people are WONDERFUL and on the ball. His nurse and her “helpers” kept up with his episodes second for second and she was so calm and soothing while she was very busy alerting the appropriate people of what was going on while she herself was very busy with his “lines” and acute care necessities. She was very on hands and gave him the detailed, personal care that made him feel comfortable in an extremely emotional condition. What an extremely caring and personable lady.

What it boiled down to is dad needed a defibrillator to stabilize his heartbeats. From the Cath Lab staff to the still awesome docs, Tann and Juneau, I was not the mental wreck I was with my mom because I had the comfort of knowing he was in the BEST care possible!

I’m sure I missed some other awesome people, including the employees in the Sage Cafe, that helped but please know that everybody we came across during his stay is what keeps Carson Tahoe Regional Medical the premier facility it is for healthcare. I’m glad to still have both my parents around; all thanks to your hospital.

Pass the word and have a great day today and all the upcoming days!

Lisa H.

Dr. Nathan Ho is the best!

When it comes to expertise, professionalism, bedside manners and concern for the patient Dr. Ho is in a class by himself.

Thanks for keeping me alive!

Hans S.

I was evaced out of South Lake Tahoe on 3/15/2015 by ambulance to your hospital. It was the most scary thing to live through and I have lived through a lot of strokes and surgeries. But when I arrived to your hospital I was treated with upmost respect and taken care of as if I counted. All the staff and doctors and nurses in the 2nd-floor surgery department were just awesome. My hat goes of to all. I’m recovering slowly but I am recovering. 5 days there was by far the best stay I have had in any hospital and I've been in over 14 times. Great place and staff that has a heart of gold. Doctors are great and funny at the same time, that take a bad thing and they make you feel better. Thanks to everyone for everything you did for me.

Stephen F.

My sister, Wendy M. recently had cardiac surgery at Carson Tahoe Hospital. I want to thank those people who I thought were especially skilled, kind, attentive, thoroughly professional, and amazingly caring toward her during her stay.

To Dr. Todd Chapman: How do you thank someone for saving your sister’s life? You did just that. She is the dearest person in my life, and I owe you a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay. I will also never forget how you lengthened and strengthened her life due to your proficient hands and incredible knowledge. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your extraordinary skills, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. While giving Wendy so many more precious years, you were also giving that gift to me. I love her dearly.

To Diane P., Intensive Cardiac Care: You were an unbelievable and kind and intuitive advocate for my sister and as skilled a professional as I have ever witnessed. You never took your eyes off my sister during those first few scary post-surgery days, and I will be forever grateful that she was lucky enough to have you to provide her with such constant care. She couldn’t possibly have had a better person to look after her, and the fact that you actually switched your days off to maintain her care for her second-day post-surgery was simply amazing and so very much appreciated. You are the epitome of superlative quality care.

To Jason, Intensive Cardiac Care: Jason, you were so attentive and informative and caring, and at the exact right moments, brought us all many smiles with your delightful humor. Wendy was so lucky to have you caring for her, and we all really appreciated your skill and knowledge and kindness during the time she was under your care. Thank you so much.

Again, I want to thank you all for everything you have done concerning my sister, Wendy. I happen to live in Las Vegas, but I have told my husband that if I ever need hospitalization, to please bring me to Carson Tahoe. We were impressed with the beauty of the facility and the kindness and skill and knowledge of so many we were fortunate enough to meet. Thank you again.

Sharon J.

Just wanted to write a brief note of thanks to you and your team. I had the pleasure of being treated at your Urgent Care and subsequently your Emergency Department yesterday (all’s well, no worries). From the front receptionist at the Urgent Care to last staff at the hospital discharge counter, I was treated well. I felt cared for and cared about. You have developed an impressive professional, caring and dedicated team. The Doctor in the Urgent Care was especially concerned, Tennille in the ED was exceptionally engaging and Dr. Erickson was extremely competent with great interpersonal skills and who kept us informed and ensured active patient participation. Thank you CTH!

Kathryn B.

My Mother was brought into the hospital approximately 3:30PM. It is now 7:30PM and I need to let someone know how wonderful your ER staff are, particularly Dr. Arhien, Vicki, and Mylea. They were very attentive, kind, and caring, even Anna from registration. There are too many times when people don’t get recognized for their time and effort towards patients. I appreciate Dr. Arhien for thoroughly explaining my Mother’s condition. Thank you and god bless each and everyone of you.

Carollann S.

My husband is a retired physician and we moved into the area over a year ago. Despite being active and not needing much in medical care for many years, this years flu, combined with an underlying mild asthma, really laid him low. Our local physician recommended the Medical Center’s ER for an evaluation when things got worse. Admittedly, you can’t judge a system from one person’s experience, but I wanted to offer some impressions as the wife of a professional who’s spent 30 years on the giving end of hospitals and medical businesses. First, the Center is well located and easy to find. Checking into the ER was done quickly and efficiently. Secondly, within minutes he was having some of the tests my primary care doc ordered. Everyone we met was professional, knowledgeable and kind. The ER doc took his time and, upon discharge, the RN brought all of the necessary paperwork to his bedside. And, no, it wasn’t because he’s a retired doc. None of them knew this. Big medical centers have some definite advantages when you need a lot of specialists. It’s comforting to us to know that a very respectable regional medical center is in our back yard. The experience was a limited one, but kudos to a well trained staff and thanks for being there.

Janet R.

Grew up in Carson City, and had two of my children in old Carson Tahoe. Moved back to Carson in 1994 and took your hospital tour in 2005. Even though it was beautiful I hoped I would never have to visit again. I came in as a patient in 2006 and was treated very well. We have used you many times since and are always happy with your competence.

A big thank you from us.

Barbara and Jim C.

My mom was admitted through the ER and has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for the past six months. She has been in and out of CTH several times during her treatments. I wanted to let you know that her night time nurse, Natalie was phenomenal. I stayed the night with my mom and saw how Natalie cared for her. She provided excellent care and was warm, compassionate, and most importantly listened to my mom and myself. I cannot say thank you enough for her!

Dr. Meg Jack. Dr. Jack provided excellent care to both my mom as well as to us her family members. She not only directed her care well but spent time with us explaining what was going on. What was most appreciated was her honesty and compassion as we navigate this difficult season. CTH is lucky to have such an exceptional ER Dr.

Jason D.

I am from Southern California and this is best hospital ever! The Nurses, Cna’s, housekeeping, Doctor’s, Lab, tech’s for tests your are wonderful professional’s. Thanks so much!


Not only was everyone friendly and caring to me, but everyone went “above and beyond” to make sure I was taken care of. “There is one word to describe my stay… marvelous.”


Your hospital was so worth the drive from Reno. I have never experienced such quality of care! What amazing staff! I would like to recognize Anna, Linda, Kelsey, and Vadim. They bent over backwards to see I had the best care! Thank you, Thank you!


I was hospitalized from Sunday night to Tuesday night at Carson tahoe and after I was moved from the ER to the third floor room 310 where I was treated amazingly by my nurses Tamara and Marilyn and I believe one of my cna’s was Sally who was amazing as well. I’ve never felt so taken cared of when I felt my worse. I know what a stressful job they have but they never seemed to complain or make me feel bad for how many times I needed them. I spent most of the time with Tamara and I hated to see her go when her shift was over but I was happy marilyn was the one who took over on my last day because she genuinely cares for her patients and treated me so sweetly and with a great level of patience. Sally was my cna and would constantly check if I was okay which meant so much that she cared for my health as much as she did. She constantly made sure I was okay and asked if I needed anything. I was glad to finally go home but my stay at Carson Tahoe and the care I received was amazing over all! Thank you!!

Heidi S.

I entered Carson Tahoe through the emergency room on 12-26-2014 with symptoms of heart issues. I was admitted and sent to the telemetry floor. The staff was amazing. Jennifer, K.T., Jacob, Gene, and the staff members running the various tests,i.e. blood taken, and endoscopy, were patient, friendly, and compassionate. I also want to say how important the love visitors bring is to recovery. I was in the cycle of stress causing pain and pain increasing the stress until my daughter was allowed to bring my newborn grandson in for me to see.

Christianne S.

Had surgery here on November 10. Only stayed overnight, but didn’t want to go home. Felt like I was in a luxury resort. Nurses and other staff spoiled me to death, and the food was outstanding – yes – outstanding. Never have had an opportunity to say this about any hospital food. The admitting staff was wonderful, the lady who assisted me when I came out of surgery and rolled me into my suite was wonderful. Yolanda was wonderful and everyone who came after her. What a wonderful experience. Surgery went well too! I’m good as new.

John K.

Brittany, RN and Nona, RN are exceptional nurses, empathetic and always on top of things. I was blessed and very thankful to have had these two nurses care for me, as well as the CNA’s and surgery staff who cared for me too. I was very impressed with all of the staff at Carson Tahoe. I had “quality care” by all. Thank you Carson Tahoe.


Hopefully, through our great newspaper, I can reach many of you who were so instrumental in our daughter, Monica’s, care and healing. Our eldest daughter was a homicide victim in 1985. Only two words come to mind concerning my attitude toward the health and safety of our four children and 13 grandchildren – paranoia and anxiety. So when our healthy and strong, youngest child became ill, we were so frightened.

Dr. Timothy King, you are amazing. Your compassion and brilliance shone through and we are so very thankful.

I started keeping a list of names of each and every one of the nursing staff, but the list grew and grew. I cannot thank you by name, but each and every one of your angelic faces are etched in my heart. You were tolerant and so patient with all of us. Your outstanding care – so lovingly given – was the biggest part of her healing. We found this kindness and compassion is prevalent throughout CTH (even in the cafeteria, gift shop, housekeeping, volunteer and food services).

We are so proud of our community’s beautiful hospital. To each and every one of you, from this “mother’s” heart, I send you so much love, many spiritual hugs and so many, many thank yous.

Pamela R.

I was scheduled for a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy on December 10, 2014. As has been my usual experience at Great Basis Imaging I was handled very professionally and pleasantly from time of arrival. From check in till my arrival at the Interventional Radiology Department I was very pleased with the process.

Special note must be made of nurse Eloise Albright who was my caretaker and prep nurse. She made the process as pleasant as could be. Very informative and provided excellent explanations of process. She even went to retrieve my 95 year old mom who accompanied me and brought her to the closer waiting area. Eloise was also part of the team that handled the actual biopsy and was very caring. The entire team was excellent but I wanted to make special note of Eloise.

Thank you to Carson Tahoe for hiring such great people.

Peggy G.

I would just like to thank the amazing staff on the third floor for the wonderful care, while my sister was in the hospital, that she received. Everyone from the kitchen staff to the CNA’s, nurses, and doctors the friendly, informative treatment we received and the care my sister received was great. Thank you.

Susan D.

I ended up in the ER in June of 2014 with Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. The ER Doctors and the Nurses were wonderful. The nurses helped calm my fears. I especially want to thank Dr. Chapman and his team for saving my life. I died twice on the table and if it weren’t for Dr. Chapman, I would not be enjoying my life today. I also want to thank Dr. Baker, my fantastic Cardiologist, and special thanks to all the wonderful nurses in the CardioONE unit who took such wonderful care of me. I owe them a debt of gratitude. Thank you all so much for your part in saving my life.

Denise J.

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We went to CT Cancer Clinic for a second opinion. We are staying with CTCC. Dr Kelly is great! The resource center helped us out so much! Love Adrianna and Patrick!

Alicia C.

Carson Tahoe is like my second “home,” and everyone is so wonderful and caring there they always take such good care of me. A few people that I would like to mention thought that were outstanding are the nurses Darlene, Yolanda, Janelle, and in the ER Tenile, and CNAs Vadim and Daniel were amazing…and Bianca the housekeeper is always so pleasant


Every aspect of my stay was absolutely amazing, the entire staff from housekeeping to nurses to radiologist were very informative and caring.


I owe Carson Tahoe Hospital my life, You saved it the other day and it was a real wake up call for me. Thank You to the entire staff for everything you have done for me


I appreciate all the staff at the Hospital. They were very nice and comforting when I was having a bad day.

Archie J.

Denise Gomes – Awesome! Very helpful, kind, etc.


I went to the Clinic at Walmart in Gardnerville on Tuesday 10/21. The staff there was the best. I was greeted by the intake lady and then Ken Craft thanked me for coming in. I was treated by Nurse Practitioner Breanna Di Pinto and she made me feel very comfortable and did a thorough job. She even explained that she was checking to see that the meds she was prescribing didn't conflict with my other meds. I have never had a Dr tell me they checked. This made me feel very cared for.

Thank you,

Robin H.

Just had a baby at CTH and it couldn’t have been better! The rooms are huge and feel like a hotel. The staff was amazing. I would love to thank them all by name, but it was a whirlwind of activity and there were so many people involved. The names I know for sure are Carie RN (she was vital in my pushing efforts) and Dr Arcangeli (who I could just hug for bringing my baby into this world). It’s strange to say you love people you don’t even know but I love each and every one of you that were on staff 9/18.

Nici V.

I wanted to share with you how very pleased I was during my stay at Carson Tahoe.

I had a difficult time on September 11 that required emergency transport to the ER where I was cared for by the fine staff for some four hours. I didn’t get names, but it was the beginning of a full week of substantial care, for which I am very grateful.

I was then moved to the 3rd floor where I had a fabulous view of the Carson. You have a fabulous staff, and there was a great deal of talent and professionalism that I thoroughly enjoyed from numerous departments.

I have been just fine and am hoping I will fully recover the ability to eat and drink normally in the future. In the meantime, I cannot help but believe that I owe your staff my sincere gratitude for saving me. Thank you Ed Epperson and staff.

Don S.

Just wanted you to know what a wonderful group of staff you have.

Had surgery Sept. 2 where Dr. Reis and his group did a marvelous reconstructive hip surgery, and the care I received was great. When I was sent to rehab on Hwy 50, it was phenomenal. The care and encouragement was great. I thank you all.

Mary L.

Thank you for being a fabulous exemplification of what a hospital and ICU nurses should strive for and represent. The quality of our experience and the service they provided was comforting based on their knowledge, respect for others and the embrace of their kindness.

Laura, Mike, John, Gloria and Rady R.

Had my baby here. Was absolutely amazing. The nurses and doctor were awesome. I’m happy I had my baby there.

Heather N.

Spent five days there with pneumonia in May. I would never stay in any other hospital, if given the choice! Nurses and doctors were wonderful! Loved the private rooms.

Charlotte M.

Last April 12th, 2014, I suffered a heart attack at the Sierra at Tahoe Resort, while visiting from Brazil, with my family.

I was careflighted to that hospital, where Dr. Christopher Di Paolo successfully did a cardiac catheterization and stent placement, which save my life and made it possible to me to write this to you, while back home in Brazil and feeling much better.

I would like very much to someday have the opportunity to meet Dr. Di Paolo, to personally thank him very much.

But for now, PLEASE thank everyone that helped me and tell them I will always remember them all, with lots of gratitude.

Specially Dr. Di Paolo, Dr. Chryssos, Dr. Baker, every clinicians and nurses.


Ricardo F.