Denise G., Beat a Brain Aneurism

My name is Denise, and I’ve been working in Carson City for over 16 ½ years.

In early May 2016, the unexpected happened. After noticing extreme dizziness and nausea for about a week, I went to the Carson Tahoe Emergency Department.

I was told the frightening news that I had a brain aneurism.

Dr. Meg Jack, the CTH emergency physician, told me I needed surgery before my brain aneurism ruptured, which could have caused a life-threatening stroke. She comforted me, and reassured me that things would be all right and that I would receive excellent care. She informed me that because of CTH’s partnership with University of Utah Health, I was able to be immediately care-flighted to the esteemed University of Utah Medical Center to receive the specialized care I needed.

My family was concerned that Utah was so far away, but in reality, the trip was quick and my entire experience was outstanding.

My family and I can’t possibly say enough about the care I received there. The employees who helped me throughout my time at UUH were so kind to me and my concerned family – who had traveled to be with me in Utah – as I received care in the ICU for eight days.

The doctors, nurses (who were the absolute best), administration staff, and even our “food guru” (who came each day to take my meal order) went above and beyond to make sure I got the best possible care. They were very caring and compassionate towards my family and I, and especially understanding as to what we were going through.

When the time came to be discharged, the UUH staff explained everything I’d need to know for my road to a successful recovery and what to expect along the way.

When I was back home, the UUH surgeon’s office continued to reach out to me to see how I was doing. Additionally, the UUH surgeon had scheduled a six month follow-up appointment. His attention to detail and his assistance in easing me back into the care of my own doctor here at home, helped me gain peace of mind.

Thanks to CTH’s and UUH’s dedication and commitment to give me the best possible medical care, I am now fully recovered, back to work, and doing the things I love in life.

An added benefit to this experience, due to CTH’s strong affiliation with UUH and my CDS Group Health Insurance plan, was my spouse’s expenses for the eight days he was with me were covered 100 percent (from food, airfare and hotel, to our rental care for the trip home to Nevada).

My family and I are forever grateful for the phenomenal care I received from start to finish at both CTH and UUH. If I had to go back to UUH and receive medical attention, I would in a heartbeat… let’s just hope I don’t need to.

Denise G.
Carson City, Nev.

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