Diabetes Education

At Carson Tahoe, we believe that diabetes education and self-management training are integral components of diabetes care.  Carson Tahoe’s objective is to help you sustain your health while lowering your risk of diabetes related complications.  Our program, certified by the American Diabetes Association, will provide you with your own diabetes team of professionals including nurse educators and registered dietitians to help you TAKE CHARGE of your diabetes.

Our diabetes program helps you acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully manage diabetes on a daily basis.

Through private appointments and group classes, your diabetes team will cover the topics that matter most to you including:

•  Avoiding complications

•  Management tips that work

•  “Carb counting”

•  Nutrition guidelines

•  Shopping for groceries

•  Reading labels

•  Eating out

•  Exercising guidelines

•  Diabetes medications

•  Blood sugar testing and goals

•  Dangerous high and low blood sugars

•  Self care

Contact Us

(775) 445-5500 to schedule an appointment

(775) 445-8607 for information about the diabetes program or the diabetes department

Schedule an Appointment

1 on 1 Private Appointments are available at locations in Carson City and Minden.

Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center
1600 Medical Parkway
Carson City, Nevada

Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center
925 Ironwood Drive
Minden, NV

Comprehensive Group Classes

Group classes are available at our Regional Medical Center:

Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center
1600 Medical Parkway
Carson City, Nevada

Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes. For more information, go to CarsonTahoe.com/NutritionalFacts.

Most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, offer benefits for diabetes education when referred by a physician. Discounts are offered for cash pay patients.


What do you know about Diabetes?

As with most things, knowledge is power. Take a moment and look over the following articles written by our Diabetes Education Department. Inform yourself about the signs, symptoms and treatment of diabetes.

What is Diabetes? - Certified Diabetes Educator, Nancy Raymond, RN talks about the basics of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Carbohydrate Counting - Because carbohydrates affects our blood glucose levels, carbohydrate counting is a very important part of diabetes management.

Eating a Well-Balanced Diet -  Diabetics have to pay careful attention to their diet and the foods they eat. This is not a typical diet that involves avoiding certain foods; it is a way of eating that provides the most health benefits by including all of the different food categories.

Gestational Diabetes -  When a woman becomes "insulin resistant" during pregnancy because of an increased level of hormones, it's know as Gestational Diabetes.



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