24-Hour Nurse Health Line

(775) 445-8100

There is only one reason to call 911, an emergency.

There are hundreds of reasons to call the FREE Carson Tahoe Nurse Health Line.

Do you have a medical problem, concern or question and don’t know what to do?
If you are having a health issue but aren’t sure if you should go to the ER, then call our FREE, 24-hour Carson Tahoe Nurse Health Line. Our nurses have been specially trained to answer your questions and assess your medical situation. They will provide appropriate next steps saving you time and quite possibly an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Carson Tahoe Nurse Health Line is in partnership with Remsa


A Blueprint for Each Level of Care at Carson Tahoe

Carson Tahoe Physician Clinics at Walmart

Everyday Medicine at Carson Tahoe Physician Clinics at Walmart

At Carson Tahoe’s Acute Care Clinics, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant treats the lowest severity of health concerns, focusing on “get well and stay well” services at two Carson City and one Gardnerville Walmart locations. The cost is low and the wait is minimal, and most insurance is accepted also. Ages 24 months and older only.

Carson Tahoe Urgent Care

Quality Treatment Fast at Carson Tahoe Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics can treat illnesses and injuries of a higher severity. Physicians work with the nurse practitioners and physician assistants to evaluate and care for things like lacerations, sprains or strains and upper respiratory infections.

Carson Tahoe Emergent Care

Handling Minor Emergencies at Carson Tahoe Emergent Care

Emergent care centers, a state-of-the-art approach that combines emergency care with the efficiency of urgent care, often serve as comprehensive care sites in rural areas. Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center provides access to over 35 medical specialties for office appointments, and acts as a freestanding emergency room able to stabilize events such as stroke or cardiac emergencies. When necessary, transport to the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center is easily available.

Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center's Mallory Emergency Department

Life Saving Care at the Mallory Emergency Department

The Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center’s Mallory Emergency Department has advanced resources to provide lifesaving treatment in situations when time and technology matter most.