Areas of Need

There are so many ways you can make a real difference in the lives of people in your community and keep your hospital system at the forefront of life-saving advances in treatment. Please click the “Donate Now” button or any of the icons below to donate online today.

Patient Support

Sponsor a Stay for a Cancer Patient during Treatment

When a person gets a cancer diagnosis, they shouldn’t have to worry about travel costs. So the Merriner Cottages invites rural cancer patients to stay for free and focus on their healing.

Help with Medicines and Co-Pays

During a health challenge, some people in our community have to choose between groceries and purchasing medications. Please help fill the financial gap caused by expensive co-pays and prescriptions.

Help a Patient Live during Treatment

Many local cancer patients struggle to afford the cost of gas to get to treatment. Please help with basics like gas to get to treatment, groceries, temporary assistance with the mortgage.

Essential Services

Donate to the Area of the Greatest Need

Delivering quality healthcare, staying at the forefront of technology and caring for patients beyond the hospital walls is costly. Please donate to the area of “greatest need” and allow us to send resources where they’re needed most.

Promote Wellness for Women and Their Families

The Health & Wellness Institute (HWI) offers free seminars, personal navigation and other resources that are leading our community to healthier lives. Donations help keep the HWI flourishing as a vital hub for wellness.

Building a Stronger Tomorrow, Today

New mothers, new babies How this cycle of life begins, impacts our community’s healthy tomorrows.  Please support the on-going education of our caregivers so they can, in turn, teach their patients.

Lifesaving Equipment

Support Vital Re-Construction

We built it. They have come Now in order to accommodate significantly increasing patient flow and to keep pace with technological improvements, we rely upon your support for ongoing reconstruction needs.

Leading with Lifesaving Technology

As treatment advances, health outcomes improve. We are committed to staying at the forefront of vital medical progress. Due to cost, we rely upon your generous donations to purchase lifesaving equipment.

Beat the Odds with a Cardiac Safety Net

One in four of us will die from heart disease. It often happens as a surprise attack.  That’s when every minute matters. Mission Heartbeat beats the odds for our community by creating a cardiac safety net.