Carson Tahoe Medical Group Patient Portal

This service is for non-emergency situations. Please call 911 for emergencies.

Access your medical information online from your visits with Carson Tahoe Medical Group. Our patient portal allows you to access:

  • Appointments – access appointment history
  • Medication – request refills on current medications
  • Referrals – request a new referral
  • Messages – receive non-urgent communications from your physician and email reminders for your appointment
  • Billing – view current and past billing statements
  • Medical Records – view past visit summaries and request your complete personal health record (PHR)

Existing Patients

It’s a pleasure to have you as a valuable patient with Carson Tahoe Medical Group, and we are happy to provide you with access to our patient portal with your own unique login and password at NO Additional cost.

In order to receive your user id and password please contact us at (775) 445-7170.

If you already have the username and password to login, you may access your information at any time.

Click the login button below only if you are an existing patient with Carson Tahoe Medical Group who has been seen by one of our practicing physicians.

New Patients

Welcome to Carson Tahoe Medical Group. If you have never visited any of our specialized doctors and would like to give us an opportunity to serve you, please register as a new patient. You can do this in two ways:

  • You can call our office – (775) 445-7170
  • You may fill out a simple registration form

Click the register button below only if you are new patient who has not been seen by Carson Tahoe Medical Group. Someone from our office will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

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