Women's Health Institute

No matter what hat you’re wearing, the Women's Health Institute has your wellness covered. Some days you’re treated like a queen, and some are just a royal pain. Other days you get to wear your party hat, but most often it’s your chauffeur, chef and off-to-work hats. So, who has time for anything else?

Luckily, there’s one place designed with your busy schedule in mind- the Women's Health Institute (WHI). It’s the one place you can turn for all of your health questions and answers.

As the region’s premier center for women of all ages, the WHI provides programs, education and resources to help you live a healthier life… however many hats you wear.

Become a fashionista health-onista today!

•  Visit Health & Wellness Institute at 1470 Medical Parkway Ste. 250 Carson City, NV

•  info@carsontahoe.org

•  Call us at (775) 445-5168



Women's Health Institute Video of Opening