Orthopedic Services

Whether you receive Orthopedic Services at Sierra Surgery Hospital, the Carson Tahoe Surgery Center, or Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, our dedicated Orthopedic Surgeons provide better outcomes and help patients of all ages get back to the things they love in life. With expert treatment teams and the most cutting-edge technology, our Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons work closely with Certified Nurses, Anesthesiologists and specially trained therapists to provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative orthopedic care.

Comprehensive orthopedic services include advanced surgical and non-surgical approaches to a variety of orthopedic conditions, including:

•  Minor and major injuries

•  Trauma and sports injuries

•  Back and spine surgery / spine disease (click here to view information on our Balloon Kyphoplasty procedure)

•  Complete access to the Carson Tahoe Pain Institute and Carson Tahoe Therapy

•  Shoulder and knee surgery

•  Upper extremity surgery including shoulder, elbow and hand

•  Minimally invasive alternatives to total knee replacement

•  Joint and Joint Replacement Programs


For the most up to date list of medical professionals in all areas (including orthopedics), please use our Find a Doctor directory.

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