Health & Wellness Institute

1470 Medical Parkway, Suite 250
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 445-5169

What's the Role of a Healthcare System?
Is it to make you better when you're sick? To mend you when you're injured? Here at Carson Tahoe, we like to think one of the best ways to treat patients is to care for them before they even get sick. That’s why we offer educational resources, medical information and proactive wellness solutions to the place we call home. Whether it’s planning for your next child, learning more about nutritional information for your family, joining others in quitting smoking, or simply getting a routine health screening, we’re dedicated to keeping our community healthy and educated.

Lectures, Classes & Screenings
Carson Tahoe Health & Wellness Institute proudly offers multiple ways people can stay educated, participate in healthy activities and receive preventative screenings throughout the year. Please contact us at (775) 445-5169 with any questions or comments.


•  Lectures from prominent health professionals are scheduled regularly. Please contact us at (775) 445-5169 for a list of upcoming lectures planned.

Classes / Counseling

•  Nutritional counseling

•  Smoking cessation classes

•  Child birth preparation series, baby basics in a day and newborn care classes

•  Breast feeding support classes

•  Pelvic floor strengthening classes - Click here to sign up for the next series, starting April 27th, 2015!

• Intuitive Eating - Click here to sign up for the next series, starting May 7th, 2015!

•  Yoga classes


•  Connect with Carson Tahoe and get first notice on more information regarding our upcoming health screenings. The next round of discounted screenings will be in Fall 2015.

Carson Tahoe's HealthCheck Program offers affordable lab screenings with or without physician orders. Special rates are offered for cash-paying or under and un-insured patients. No appointments necessary. Results of screenings with physician orders will be sent to your doctor. Without a physician order, your results will be examined by a board certified physician and sent directly to you.

Click here to find out more information and download a HealthCheck certificate now!

Community Health Report
In order to better serve the health needs of our community, Carson Tahoe Health recently sponsored a comprehensive health needs survey of 800 residents of our region. The survey, conducted by Professional Research Consultants, questions residents about their personal health condition and needs.  Topics include: heart disease, obesity, women’s health, diabetes and tobacco/drug use. To see how the health of Northern Nevadans compare to the national average, please click on the report below.



The latest health news, delicious recipes, local activities and much can be found in our here's to your health blog.